Sunday, April 29, 2007

v2.2 teaser

KTorrent version 2.2 is to be released pretty soon so here's a little teaser about what to expect in the following release.

  • Possibility to open as many views (tabs) as needed

Users can now open multiple tabs in main view from all available groups. A few default groups have also been added like 'Active downloads/uploads', 'User controlled downloads/uploads' etc...oglasi
Tabs can be opened from custom (user created) groups as well.

  • Search plugin is now shown as a toolbar

Many users complained about search plugin not placed properly, so it's moved to toolbar and it's easily accessible.

  • Option to fully preallocate diskspace for torrents

It would take a bit longer but it will avoid fragmentation.

  • Added support for seeding from readonly filesystems

Title says it all ;)

  • Added option to move finished downloads to a different directory

Long awaited feature is finally in trunk. Users can specify directory to move completed downloads to. Torrent data directory can also be changed at any time.

  • Redesigned FileSelectDlg

FileSelectDialog is now shown for both singlefile and multifile torrents. It has been expanded so users can now choose download directory, choose group to add that torrent to and choose wheather they want it to be user or queue manager controlled. User controlled torrents can be chosen not to start by clicking appropriate checkbox.
Dialog also shows available diskspace as well as diskspace after saving the torrent.

Beta release for v2.2 is expected in the middle of May, so be prepared!